Charlotte Mason Inspired High School Fine Arts

Get a Full Credit with Music, Art, and Poetry Appreciation

With the "Charlotte Mason Inspired High School Fine Arts" online course, your high schooler will earn a full credit in Fine Arts! Study music appreciation, art appreciation, and poetry appreciation in this Charlotte Mason inspired self-paced online course!

What makes this course "Charlotte Mason Inspired?"

Charlotte Mason said:

“It is a pity that we like our music as our pictures and our poetry mixed so that there are few opportunities of going through as a listener a course of the works of a single composer . . . Let young people study as far as possible under one master until they have received some of this teaching and know its style.”

So, what I have done with this course is to create a way for the student to study only one composer, one artist, and one poet per month. They will have the opportunity to "study as far as possible under one master" by listening to about 4 hours worth of music, studying 6-8 pieces of art, and reading/studying 7 or 8 poems from each master.

There are 9 months' worth of lessons, and each month features a new composer, artist, and poet.

Composers studied:

  1. Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
  2. George Frideric Handel
  3. Antonio Vivaldi
  4. Franz Josef Haydn
  5. Ludwig van Beethoven
  6. Frédéric Chopin
  7. Gioachino Rossini
  8. Claude Debussy
  9. Aaron Copland

Artists studied:

  1. Sandro Botticelli
  2. Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn
  3. Diego Rodríguez de Silva y Velázquez
  4. Antonio Canova
  5. Jacques-Louis David
  6. Francisco de Goya
  7. Eugène Delacroix
  8. Edgar Degas
  9. Grandma Moses

Poets studied:

  1. William Shakespeare
  2. John Milton
  3. Jean de La Fontaine
  4. Phillis Wheatley
  5. Robert Burns
  6. John Keats
  7. Edgar Allen Poe
  8. Stéphane Mallarmé
  9. Maya Angelou

**Note: These composers, artists, and poets are all a part of the Western tradition (Europe and America). Watch for a future course with composers, artists, and poets from other areas of the world!


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Your Instructor

Gena Mayo
Gena Mayo

Gena Mayo is a homeschooling mom of 8 who has been teaching music in various forms for 30 years. She has a Bachelors degree in Music Education and a Masters degree in Vocal Pedagogy (teaching voice lessons). It has been her joy to teach elementary and junior high choir, high school voice classes, private voice lessons for teens through adults, early childhood music and movement classes (babies through preschool), elementary general music, and music appreciation for elementary through high school. But, her favorite music teaching experience has been as musical director for stage musicals such as Seussical, Shrek, Singing in the Rain, Newsies, and Beauty and the Beast. It is Gena's desire to help all homeschoolers easily include music in their homeschools!

Course Curriculum

  Month #1 ~ Renaissance
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  Month #2 ~ Baroque Era
Available in days
days after you enroll
  Month #3 ~ Baroque Era
Available in days
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  Month #4 ~ Classical Era
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  Month #5 ~ Classical Era
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  Month #6 ~ Romantic Era
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  Month #7 ~ Romantic Era
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  Month #8 ~ Impressionism Era
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  Month #9 ~ Modern Era
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"I would totally use it with my teens and have them view on the iPad together. I like the simplicity and the ability to delve deeper or “skim” and the wide range of sources, that are all RIGHT THERE! Wonderful. I think, I might even be able to let my 7th grader join in and just expect a little less depth from the writing portions.This is a great value- the idea that I could revisit if my youngest ISN’T quite ready... wow!

I think you’ve just planned our Fine Arts for 2020!"

~ Suzanne Gose, author of Flip Flop Spanish

"Gena Mayo, as always everything you create is fantastic! This looks great! I'm excited! I am loving all the high school resources."

~ Tatiana Adurias, co-host of the Charlotte Mason Inspired online conference

What Homeschool Moms Just Like You Are Saying:

"This is the most inspirational collection of fine art lessons, beautifully organized and thrilled it will qualify towards high school credit! Thank you!" ~ A. A.

" I love that they have the chance to really dive in deep into each composer, author and poet. I wish I’d had that chance when I was in school instead of having it all be so quickly glossed over. Of course, doing the course alongside my kids would give me that chance! 😉❤️" ~ C. M.

"I like it’s an entire credit not just half credit in fine arts! I also love you combine poetry, art and music. Most of the time, they are separated. This is a much more well rounded experience!" ~ J. W.

"I love the pace! It allows for a deep immersion without hurry but covers such a broad range of artists, musicians and poets! <3" ~ B. W.

"I'm interested in the ability for teens to get high school credits while delving deeply into each artist/composer/poet rather than just trying to memorize a lot of facts with no deep connection. That connection that can make in focusing on one in each style for an entire month is so neat!" ~ M.T.

"Pretty excited about this as a possible co-op class.🤔 Also excited to see Robert Burns as a featured poet. My high schooler would approve; he's quite partial to him." ~ K. F.

"I love that my high schooler will be able to learn insightful information about these great masters in a platform that we’re comfortable accessing and I love that I don’t have to find all the pieces myself and put together." ~ A. G.

"Love that you go in depth with one composer, artist, and poet per month so that students can truly learn and take something away about each. Also love that you offer lifetime access to the course." ~ C.M.

"4 hours of music! I like the idea of one per month instead of rushing through." ~ L.B.

"I particularly enjoy that this course covers the eras with not just art or music, but art, music and poetry. It looks like a wonderful course to have." ~ D. D.

" I love how it includes music, art, and poetry and satisfies the high school need while also allowing younger siblings a chance to learn from their HS sister. I was just discussing with our 10th grader how fine arts needed to be worked in to our schedule. And we’ve loved other Music in Our Homeschool courses in the past!" ~ R. J.

"I was happy to see that you had daily lessons listed out so I would not have to sit down and figure out what to assign each day or week. Makes it easier on me." ~ M.S.

" I absolutely love music in our homeschool! We are using it for elementary and I can't wait to use it for high-school too!" ~ J. L.

"I really like the idea of learning under one master all you can learn, My son will need a fine arts credit but I can see my daughter loving this! Maybe he'll be sucked in hopefully? lol!! " S. U.

"I've spent time looking at this course and CANNOT wait to jump into it with my son. Just in my time planning for next year, I've been blown away by how thorough, flexible, and yet truly beautiful these lessons are. If you're homeschooling high school and need help teaching fine arts, this is your solution!"

~ Emily Copeland, homeschool mom of two and blogger at Table Life Blog

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 14 days and we will give you a full refund.

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