License rules

All courses at are meant for ONE homeschool parent/grandparent with his or her own kids or ONE teacher at a school with his or her own students.

If you use a course at a homeschool co-op, you'll need to purchase an affordable license (unless every homeschool family purchases the course for their own use).

Please purchase one $20 license per course per year.


Do I need a license if I'm just teaching my own kids at home?

No. The license is only needed if teaching students from more than one homeschool family.

How long does the license last?

It lasts for one school-year. Please purchase again for the next year if you teach another class.

Do I need a license if I'm a teacher at a school (not a homeschool parent)?

No, but the course is only allowed to be taught by you. If another teacher wants to teach it, he or she will need to purchase the course themselves (not a license).

Can we use coupon codes to purchase licenses?

No. Licenses are $20 each, so don't use a coupon. If it populates automatically, click "remove." Thanks!

If every family in the homeschool co-op purchases the course I'm teaching, do I still need a license?

No, you don't. And, contact me for a group discount before everyone in your class orders the course!

How do I contact Gena if I have a different question?

Leave a comment below. It will send me an email and I'll get back to you with the answer. (It won't automatically post the comment.)

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