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  Music for Thanksgiving

What do you think of when you think of Thanksgiving? Food? Family? Football? Music probably isn't on your list, and yet, there is some wonderful music that can help you get in the spirit of Thanksgiving. Enjoy today's Music Lesson for Thanksgiving.

The number one children's song that goes with Thanksgiving is "Over the River and Through the Wood." Do you visit your grandparents' house for Thanksgiving? Then, you'll understand the joy of this timeless poem that was written by Lydia Maria Child in 1844. The original title was "The New-England Boy's Song about Thanksgiving Day." The composer of the tune that we sing today with the song is unknown.

There are many fun books that you might want to check out from the library that use the poem as a story with fun illustrations.

Now, listen to the song here. As you listen, draw a picture of something from the song that inspires you. Is it traveling to see Grandmother on the sleigh through the woods? The cold, snowy weather? Or the pumpkin pie?


There were always two hymns we would sing for Thanksgiving at my church growing up. Have you heard these before?

"Come, Ye Thankful People Come" and "We Gather Together"

Listen to these on the next two videos, and notice the difference in style between the two hymn performances. One is with a huge choir and organ. The second is an a cappella men's group with no instrumental accompaniment. Which do you like better?

Thanksgiving Song

I love the beautiful pictures seen in this next video "Thanksgiving Song" by Mary Chapin Carpenter. As you listen try to list the things she mentions that we should be thankful for.

Count Your Blessings

And, finally, one more song which is probably not thought of as a typical Thanksgiving song. But it's a song that encourages us to count our blessings, something that we should do every day and not just on Thanksgiving Day. Listen to "Count Your Blessings" from the musical by Irving Berlin called White Christmas. As you listen, be sure to count your blessings!

(Video clip ends with a kiss if you want to end it early.)

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